FSOG Lyric Wheel Challenge

Amazing lady: Sasha Cameron shares FSOG FB Inaugural Lyric Wheel Challenge Number 1!

Sasha Cameron - Writer

Two weeks ago I put out a challenge to my fanfic mates.  Some of them were stupid enough to take it up.  Hence the Inaugural FSOG Lyric Wheel Challenge was born.  We each sent song lyrics to each other.  We started with 14 participants.  These are the ones who were left standing at the end.  I’ve heard a rumor that a couple of others may still yet submit (pun intended).  If they do I will add them in.  The bloggers – many of them any way – have linked back here or are promoting the stories on their own blogs.  Please go and visit. Even if you don’t like fan fiction, these are nice people. Funny people. Talented people.  ENJOY!

The Rules

  1. The stories need to be between 2000-5000 words in length.
  2. There is to be no ‘they put the music on and started fucking’ stories. Sex as part of…

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Hello Out There!

Hi there!
Welcome to my Blog…Is this the part where I babble about how great a read it would be?

hhmm Well That is just not going to happen, at least not any day soon.
I am The Grey’s Fan01 well as unoriginal as that sounds! I created it to review FSOG “Fifty Shades of Grey” Fanficiton. Since Joining FanFiction I have started two stories both of which are now on my blog here!

I love my Facebook and Twitter friends they have become somewhat of a family to me and I thoroughly enjoy each and every chat we have. Those of you who find this page thank you *hugs* you all know that in one way or another you helped me become a more open minded and definitely more creative….*pfft!* actually F*** that you girls turned me into a crude individual. It may interest new readers to know that I was innocent before I met any of them. *points at faces in the distance*.

A bunch of certain ladies who will remain nameless are responsible for the dirty images, sexy thoughts and everlasting “HEHE’s” that fill my life. I hope to hold you close as friends for a long time.

I admire allot of people in this big world. Sasha Cameron, Jane Harvey-Berrick and PurpleAle are probably my top three. There are way too many to really name all of them but you all know who you are I cherish each and everyone of you for the friendships you have given me.


Wow talk about some pressure!
How can I make this funny….and for the FSOG fans I mean funny ha-ha not funny peculiar. 🙂
Seriously though this is going to be AWESOME!!!!

Love TGF01 XoXoX